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New maps of Romania, Philippines, Burma

It is easy now to print a lot of maps - for example maps of Asia, Europe, America - and maps of many countries and cities; TakeMaps offer many of them. And now there are some very new maps - for people giong for example to Romania, Philippines, Burma, Uruguay...

TakeMaps: Detailed maps prepared for printing.
If you need to print your map quickly and you do not need the best quality of the print, you just insert paper to your computer printer and press one button - and your map is printed. But you may choose some parameters of printing and get your printed map in best quality.

How you can use it
Just choose the map you need and the use TakeMaps to print it. First select the map orientation for printing - portrait or landscape mode, then use the buttons with magnifying glass to set the zoom (level of details) of the map.

And there are many more settings. You can save your settings - just use one of the buttons at TakeMaps. In the future you can load it back. So you do not need to set the maps again and again.

As we have said before, there are some new maps. You can print map of Burma, map of Philippines or map of Romania now as well.

A few last words
If you need any printed map we recommend TakeMaps. Theay are easy to use and they are free of charge.
(1. 2. 2012 | editors)

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