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Find your ideal study abroad program

Activa Languages has collected the best and most diverse study abroad programs available for people of all ages and proficiency levels. They offer programs in which you can live and learn with a professor, combine learning a language with playing a sport, or study abroad while gaining professional experience.

Activa Languages : A language portal, where you can find a variety of study abroad programs, depending on your goals and interests.
Activa Languages offers programs in which students can perfect their language skills, professionals can learn a language to accomplish their goals in a international market, or people over 50 can have an exciting and eye-opening adventure!

A few examples
Activa Languages has compiled such varied study abroad programs that you can partake in a program to improve your Portuguese while simultaneously learning Samba and Afro-Brazilian dance, or experience complete immersion in a language by living with a professor while also playing rugby!

Activa Languages offers study abroad programs in places such as Ireland, Australia, Dubai, Russia, France, Spain, Malta and Japan, so you can find exactly what you're looking for.

What you should know...
Activa Languages offers diverse study abroad programs that you can trust, since they evaluate criteria such as quality of the environment, and the diversity of the program participants and surrounding cultural opportunities in each program. They can give you personalized advice since they are extremely familiar with each program on their website and prioritize your goals and interests!
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