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Tokii: Improve your relationships

Tokii has launched an interesting web and mobile social platform specifically designed to enrich and strengthen relationships. They’ve created a unique suite of products aimed at improving relationships everywhere; they offer interactive games, quizzes and communication tools.

Tokii: Tokii is where a couple can extend their conversation.
Today’s average couple spends less than 15 minutes a day actually talking to each other. How are they communicating? One study found that 41 percent of couples regularly send text messages, emails, and use social media sites like Facebook even when they are together! Couples are chewing up the digital airways with a head slapping 1,002 texts and 400 emails to each other every year. Clearly digital tools have not only been embraced, they are in demand. This is where Tokii steps in.

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Tokii moves the digital experience from an individual event to a shared experience. Tokii is where a couple can extend their conversation by leveraging the convenience of the digital space. Our products put play into everyday activities.

How exactly does it work? Trade favors through TradingPost. Give your partner a heads up on your headspace with MoodMeter. Get the love you want the way you want it with LoveZones. Tokii makes it easy for a couple to stay in sync with tools that suit today’s lifestyle.

What you should know...
Tokii recognizes the value in providing a rewarding and connecting experience between its members and doesn’t aim to be just another social network. They offer more than just friend connections and status updates; Tokii is trying to help you build better relationships. Find out how much more you can be doing for your relationship.
(1. 4. 2011 | editors)

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