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Read about U.S. Presidents and their wives

Welcome to The World of U.S. Presidents and Their Wives, Kindle Edition. This book will help you find out more about U.S. Presidents, their wives and places related to them. And where you can get this e-book for your Kindle? On the link inside this article.

US Presidents and their Wives on Amazon Kindle Store: Read about US Presidents and their Wives.
The book contains essential information about all 44 US Presidents, from George Washington (1789-1797) to Barack Obama (since 2009), and their wives. Also provided is information about the history of the White House, the Oval Office, Camp David and Air Force One.

How you can use it
All the information comes from reliable US government sources. You may download a trial version of the book to your Kindle - and you can see if it is what you are looking for.

Some text in the book (in the trial version and in the full version as well) is active. You can move cursor to the selected text and press the cursor button to get, for example, information about the person you are interested in.

You can move the cursor to a picture and press the cursor button to zoom in. (If supported by your e-book reader.)

What you should know...
The e-book readers are limited in some respects, only grayscale images are offered. To make this book easy to use it's authors had to choose only the most important facts. But if you need to know basic facts about U.S. Presidents and their wives then this ebook is a good choice.
(1. 12. 2011 | editors)

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