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See weather around the World - on maps

Did you know that Google offers one great weather service - right on the Google Maps? If your answer is No then read further as we bring you more information about it here.

Weather on Google Maps: See temperatures, clouds and more.
Google Maps are well known, but not so many people know it is possible to switch a weather layer there. And on this layer you can see - in any part of the World - actual weather. Temperatures, clouds and more.

You can find here...
You may not only go to any part of the world - on the map - and take a look, but you can zoom in and zoom out ofcourse. And you may switch the temperature between °C and °F, wind speed between km/h, mph and m/s and to show or hide clouds.

The service is part of Maps Labs - and the easiest way to switch it on is simply to use our link on this page.

A few last words
Information about weather are very popular, because you need to know as much as possible when planning your outdoor activities, your holidays etc. Weather layer on Google Maps is very useful here.
(1. 4. 2012 | editors)

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