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Extra Hot News about Microsoft Windows 7

The release of the public beta of Windows 7 was a very important step for all the people who are impatiently waiting for this upcoming operating system. The market share of this – yet unpublished – operating system climbed from 0.01% in December 2008 to 0.10% in January 2009. And there probably will be no Windows 7 Beta 2 - the next official release will be the Windows 7 Release Candidate... If you are interested in hot news about Windows 7 then read more...

Windows7News: News about impatiently awaited upcoming operating system from Microsoft.
The Windows7News website offers a lot of hot news about Windows 7 – the impatiently awaited upcoming operating system from Microsoft. There are news every day and beside them you can find Windows 7 Themes for Windows XP and Windows 7 Themes for Windows Vista, Windows 7 Wallpapers, Windows 7 Screenshots and Windows 7 Videos. And this is not all: If you are looking for Windows 7 FAQ or for some benchmarks (even benchmarks covering performance of SSD in Windows 7) then this site is the best place for you.

How you can use it
There is a lot of information about Windows 7 on the Windows7News website. Did you – just for example – know that if you want to further speed up the Windows 7 boot process you can configure the computer system to automatically logon the user? And what about this: There is not really a way to uninstall Windows 7. The procedure to remove Windows 7 depends on the computer system at hand...

Do you want to use Windows 7 more effectively? Try this tip: Windows 7 introduces several new keyboard shortcuts. Most of them mimic the behavior when dragging and dropping windows in the new operating system. For example: Windows Up maximizes window, Windows Down minimizes windows or restores them, Windows Left docks a window to the left side etc.

What you should know...
On the Windows7News website you can find much more than the information mentioned above. So if you are one of the fans of the new operating system then you probably love this website.
(4. 2. 2009 | editors)

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