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Free World Atlas - web and ebook

If you need information about a country of the world, you need a World Atlas. iWorldAtlas is a web site, where you can find such an atlas - as web sites and free ebook for download too.

iWorldAtlas: Atlas of the World. All countries with flags, maps etc. Free ebook download.
The iWorldAtlas site is multilingual, the texts there are in English, German, French and much more. But what is even more important, there is information about almost any country of the World, you can find their maps there, their flags and this all is available in one place. And if you want the world atlas as an e-book, you can download it here in epub, mobi and pdf.

How you can use it
It is easy to use the World Atlas at iWorldAtlas.com. Just choose the country you are interested in and click or tap on the link to the country. Or choose the continent first, if you wish to.

All the information about any country is on one page, so it is easy to get a quick overview about the economy, politics and people of the country. You can find number of inhabitants there, GDP per capita PPP and much more.

And if you want to have the World Atlas off-line, just download the free World Atlas e-book. It is available in many languages in epub, mobi and pdf.

What you should know...
Give this World Atlas a try. It is free, easy to use and right now full of up to date information.
(3. 3. 2018 | editors)

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