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Real Time Statistics about the World

Do you want to know the World Population? Education expenditure by governments worldwide, number of cars produced this year or new book titles published this year? Then don’t miss the Worldometers project.

Worldometers: Real Time Statistics about our World.
Worldometers website is a part of the Real Time Statistics Project, which is managed by an international team of developers, researchers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available in a time relevant format to a wide audience around the world. Chief project coordinator is currently Sir Thomasson.

You can find here...
Sources of all the data on Worldometers are carefully selected to include only data published by the most reputable organizations and statistical offices in the world. Special counters then display the real-time numbers based on Worldometers’ algorithm that processes the latest and most accurate statistical data with its estimated progression.

There are many numbers. For example number of blog posts today, forest loss this year, toxic chemicals released by industries into our air, land, and water this year and many, many others.

A few remarks
Worldometers is planning to create country-specific real time statistics websites - in collaboration with local people and researchers interersted in the project. In February 2009, they have launched ItaliaOra, statistics on Italy, in Italian.
(1. 10. 2009 | editors)

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